Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hidden Treasures on Display

By: Kate Betz, Manager of Public Programs
Did you know that the Fenimore Art Museum’s collection has some of finest examples of American art in the country? Many of these spectacular works are often on loan to other museums for their exhibitions. You've may have walked past some of these paintings in the museum's'= galleries before and noticed their beauty, but you might not have known just how important they are in the field of art history. This year, on April 4th, we’re bringing our Hidden Treasures to the forefront. Interested visitors can pick up a series of questions to answer about some of our greatest pieces of art. For each completed question, you will receive one ticket good for a chance to win one of several prize packages which will feature tickets for admission, workshops, and special events, as well as items from our shops and from area merchants.

Each week, this blog will feature clues and information that will be related to the activities and questions of our April 4th event. And if clues weren’t enough, one week prior to the event, we will be posting a link on the blog to a downloadable version of our trivia quiz with a bonus question that will only be available online. Hidden Treasures will feature tours and activities throughout the day in addition to the quiz and is a perfect day out for families, couples, or individuals who like a bit of a challenge and like to win prizes. Make sure to stay tuned for your first clues!

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