Tuesday, September 29, 2009

John Singer Sargent’s women – got a title for us?

By: Michelle Murdock, Curator of Exhibitions
In a recent post by my colleague Chris Rossi, we asked for your help in developing a title for an upcoming clothing exhibition. Thanks to all of you who replied, we came up with a great title!
So, now we humbly ask for your help again. We are so excited to be organizing an exhibition of John Singer Sargent’s portraits of women for the 2010 exhibition season at Fenimore Art Museum. The portraits include Mrs. Charles Hunter and Mrs. William Shakespeare, both owned by the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, N.Y., Carmela Bertagna, owned by the Columbus Museum of Art, as well as other prominent women of the late 19th century. Amazingly, there has never been an exhibition devoted to Sargent’s women. These renowned women deserve a terrific title, don’t you think? Please comment your suggestions below!


Anonymous said...

Will this include Sargeant's "Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth"?? I will think about a name, but for now, curious as to whether one of the most flamboyant women will be included. I believe she resides at the Tate in London... dorothyy62@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Is anonymous thinking of Madame X? She is at the Metropolitan in New York. Perhaps you can call the show Mesdames A-W?

dlb_rsb said...

How about Amazing Women or Amazing Women in History

michelle said...

Dear first anonymous poster,
Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, "Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth" cannot be part of the Sargent exhibition next year. If you do think of a title, let us know!
Michelle Murdock

DDanD said...

Sargent's Women: A Brush with Affluence

michelle said...

Thanks, DDanD! We'll add that one to the list.
-Michelle Murdock

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