Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Generous Donor

By: Eva Fognell, Curator of the Eugene and Clare Thaw Collection of American Indian Art
Bird Effigy, Peter Jones, 2007. T0853

We just received 3 new objects to our NYSHA collection of American Indian art. John Wilkinson from Schoharie NY told me he decided to donate the objects after seeing our Bird Effigy sculpture by Onondaga artist Peter Jones in our West Gallery show “New Additions: New Perspectives”. What Mr. Wilkinson gave us is a smaller sculpture in the same series. This ceramic sculpture is titled Deer Dancer. In addition we received Warrior Dreamer another ceramic sculpture by Peter Jones and a bone carving titled Spirit of the Three Sisters by renowned Mohawk carver Stan Hill, Sr. (1921-2003). The artwork is from the late 1980s-1990s. It is so exciting to have more local artists in our collection. I hope to be able to display Bird Effigy and Deer Dancer next to each other in the Study Center along with the other Peter Jones pieces in our collection. The donation of the Spirit of the Three Sisters comes at an opportune time since our four small carved bone combs by Stan Hill Sr. are part of our traveling Thaw exhibition and will not be available to view here for a couple of years. Now we have an opportunity to show a carving by this important artist filling what would otherwise be a gap in our representation of Haudenosaune contemporary art.
Spirit of the Three Sisters by Stan Hill, Sr. 1999. N0009.2009(01)
Warrior Dreamer, Peter Jones, 1990. N0009.2009 (02)
Deer Dancer by Peter Jones, 1990 N0009.2009(03)

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