Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Installing "In Our Time"

By: Michelle Murdock, Curator of Collections

I have to admit that of all the artwork we exhibit at Fenimore Art Museum, I have a soft spot for photography. Our latest photography exhibition is In Our Time: The World as Seen by Magnum Photographers. It is traveling to us from the George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film in Rochester, N.Y.

In Our Time is a substantial show – in terms of content, of course, but also in regard to the number of photographs included. Chris Rossi and I spent the better part of three days unpacking and laying out the photos in the Clark Gallery last week. The exhibition was not organized by section so we had to determine how we wanted to display the extremely varied images. We decided upon topic areas that include World War II, the Middle East, Africa, New York City and famous personages.

Part of laying out an exhibition also includes determining where the graphics are placed. You’ll see in this image that we use paper mock-ups of the text panels and vinyl lettering.

The final product is truly outstanding. One of our security guards dropped by to take a look at the photos as we were hanging them. He was telling us how interesting and thought-provoking the images are for him. We discussed how they make you take a step back from your present circumstances and remember the history you’ve seen throughout your life – thanks to the talented photographers that comprise Magnum Photos, Inc.

The exhibition is open through September 6th.

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