Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cracking the Case

By Stephen Loughman, Preparator

For a little over two weeks now, here at the Fenimore Art Museum, my colleagues and I have been trying to solve the mystery of the display case that would not open. When I was first told to look at the case, I was given a bag of different keys and other tools and told that it should open with no problem. After scratching my head for sometime on how to open it, many here on the staff tried to crack the case but to no avail. After talking with the dealer from which the display case originally came, the case was cracked! There was a hidden hinge on the left side of the front of the case which, unless you knew it was hinged, could not be opened! I am proud to say that we now have a gorgeous new functional display case which is now on display in the American Memory: Recalling the Past in Folk Art exhibition for the upcoming year.

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