Monday, January 3, 2011

Pick Your Favorites for an Upcoming Exhibition

Thanks to everyone who helped test the poll last week. Now, this is it! For real this time. Let the voting begin! Remember, this is your exhibition, so have fun!

For those that missed the test last week, here’s a reminder of what we’re doing:

Fenimore Art Museum is organizing its second blog-curated exhibition scheduled to open in the Spring of 2011. The content of this exhibition will be determined by you, our readers. You have the opportunity to vote for your favorite post, and the posts that get the most votes will be included in the exhibition along with the object most closely representing the content and, of course, the wording from the actual post as it appears in this blog.

Please note that we have included the dates of these posts so you can go back and reread them. Voting will end on Friday January 14th.

Thanks again!

UPDATED! By popular demand, here is a list of the candidates with links since the polling gadget wont allow hyperlinks. Hope this helps! Leave us a comment if you have questions.

What Lies Below the Surface, July 21, 2009. Featured Major General Baron von Steuben by Ralph Earl.

Musical Craftsmanship, July 28, 2009. Featured a Melodeon.

A Chair Fit for a Pot, October 20, 2009. Featured a corner chair.

What did you do on your summer vacation?, November 17, 2009. Featured photos of Otsego Lake.

The Campbell Family's Service, November 26, 2009. Featured a powderhorn and swords.

Planes, Trains and...nope, Just a Train, December 15, 2009. Featured a model train engine.

A Statue with a Split Personality, June 10, 2010. Featured a statue titled "The Last of the Mohicans."

Birth of the United States Navy, October 15, 2010. Featured a litho of the Kearsarge and the Constitution.

View of Cold Spring and Mount Taurus, December 2, 2008. Featured a painting of the same name by Thomas Chambers.

Floral Quilts and Children's Folk Portraits, February 24, 2009. Featured Eliza Smith by an unidentified artist.

Eunice Pinney Mourning Pictures, April 23, 2009. Featured mourning pictures by Eunice Pinney.

Early Photography Meets 20th Century Sleuthing, July 9, 2009. Featured an extending box camera.

Kopp Collection, July 14, 2009. Featured advertising materials with images of American Indians.

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