Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And for my first act...

By: Stephen Loughman, Preparator

As previous blogs have mentioned, during this time of year there is great change here at the Fenimore Art Museum. Right after New Years we start dismantling the previous year’s exhibitions and for awhile our walls are bare as they get painted and patched up. It’s a very odd time to be working in the museum because it feels so empty! Yet once everyone in their offices starts to hear me with my hammer and drill the excitement that our walls will no longer be bare seems to get everyone excited for the upcoming year. Here is a sneak peak of the progress so far.

The first exhibit that was hung this year was a group of paintings from our own collection that depict scenes of Otsego Lake, which is literally in our backyard.

This exhibit also includes one of our recent acquisitions from last year’s exhibition, Watermark: Michele Harvey and Glimmerglass. The painting depicts a local landmark, Fairy Spring.

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