Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Batter Up!

By John Hart, Assistant Curator of Collections

I’ve haven’t always been into sports. I didn’t start watching baseball games until college (and no, I’m not saying which team I like the most) and even then it was in between homework sessions; being a history major meant a lot of reading.

Opening Day in Cooperstown doesn’t just mean the first MLB games of the year, it normally means the early days of spring and the start of warmer weather. I think Mother Nature had different ideas of that this year, though, since we were expecting upwards of a foot of snow or more between Opening Day and April 1st!

Baseball Bat, Late 19th Century, Wood, L: 30 ¼”, F0031.1960.

One of the more unique pieces in our collection related to baseball is the sculpture, Sandlot Kid, by Victor D. Salvatore. If you’ve ever been to Cooperstown and walked down Main Street near the Key Bank, you’ve seen this piece, only much larger and made of metal. NYSHA’s is plaster and is a model of the sculpture gracing downtown Cooperstown.

Sandlot Kid, 1940-1950, by Victor D. Salvatore (1885-1965), Plaster,
H: 32 5/8” x W: 15” x Depth: 10 ½”. N0039.2000

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, like Fenimore Art Museum and The Farmers’ Museum, really gear up around this time of year offering new exhibits, exciting new activities, and even better, the signal that summer is on its way! Eventually...

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