Thursday, April 14, 2011

Docents Teaching Docents

By Nancy Karaman, Volunteer Services Coordinator

What a great time our docent group had on Tuesday! First of all we were all busy taking notes during Pru Stelling's presentation on the Van Bergen overmantle.

It is such a popular focal point in Fenimore Art Museum and many visitors often spend extra time looking at all its many aspects. Pru helped us all to more deeply understand the piece as much for its historic depictions as its artistic value.

After her presentation we were treated to Louise Gomez and her in depth tour of Shadow Catcher: Edward Curtis Among the Kwakiutl in the West Gallery.

She is currently reading Edward Curtis's 10th volume of twenty published. Louise's super presentation was following by a viewing of film entitled Coming to Light about Edward Curtis and his photographs ....fascinating film.

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